Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Baur Collection

20 novembre 2007 - 13 janvier 2008


This exhibition presents the finest Chinese snuff bottles from among the 556 pieces collected by Alfred Baur, including those to be published in the 12th volume of the Catalogue of the Baur Collection, available from December 2007. This selection reflects the diversity of materials and techniques used from the end of the 17th century on in the manufacture of these delicate bottles: the silkiness of jade, the fineness of intricate scenes painted inside glass or crystal, the flamboyance of 18th-century enamels, the harmonious shades of agate, or the softness of amber. The care and attention paid by the artists is apparent as much in the balanced shapes of the bottles as it is in the skillful use of the natural colouring of each stone, or the extraordinary detail of carved and incised motifs on coral, lacquer or mother-of-pearl. This remarkable collection reveals the breadth of Chinese artistic motifs, ranging from dragons and lotuses to folktales and complex linguistic puns.

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The Chow Donation of Chinese lacquers, 14th – 18th century

This donation, regularly presented to the public, consists of a dozen lacquer objects selected from among the finest of the Edward T. Chow collection of Chinese art. It perpetuates the memory of Virginia and Edward Chow, long time residents of the city of Geneva, and constitutes an important addition to East Asian art in Switzerland as well as a precious complement to the large collection of Japanese lacquer brought together by Alfred Baur.

Chinese jades, late Qing dynasty (1644-1911)

The Baur Collection presents a selection of jades from its reserves.